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The Dashboard

  The Drone Fleet dashboard provides you with the tools you need to stay connected to your fleet:

  • Quickly view mileage and maintenance status
  • Customizable detailed reporting
  • Configuration options for setting up your fleet
  • User management for sharing access

Easy Access

Drone Fleet is designed for fleet operations of all sizes and seeks to provide business owners and drivers with the information you need to improve productivity, driver safety, and more.

Real-Time Alerts

Drone Fleet gives you real-time alerts for speeding, idle time, geofence violations and after-hours driving.

Trip Detail

Drone Fleet's trip reporting will help you view the route a vehicle has taken, with detail that includes GPS breadcrumb trail, miles driven and trip length in time.

Fleet Reporting

Drone Fleet's trip reporting tools allow you to see where your fleet has been, how long a trip took, how many miles were driven and where a geofence violation occurred.




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The App

Your Drone Fleet can also be accessed using the DroneMobile smartphone app for iOS and Android devices. Receive instant push notifications when your configured alerts are triggered so that you stay on top of your fleet.